Learn WING CHUN From Home

"What if you could gain a solid Wing Chun foundation or even expand your Wing Chun understanding, so you will never be afraid of defending yourself ever again and gain authentic self-confidence, so you can enjoy your life and become the strongest version of yourself?" - Sifu Bogdan

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What Can Wing Chun Be Used For?

  • #1: Self-defence

    Unlike other fighting styles we often see in tournaments and championships, Wing Chun was created to enable people of all sizes to defend themselves in real-life situations, even against larger, stronger opponents.

  • #2: Calm & Confidence

    For people who work in a stressful environment, Wing Chun can be used as an empowering practice that teaches us how to stay calm and handle ourselves with a true sense of confidence and self-esteem.

  • #3: Awareness & Focus

    Wing Chun teaches us how to become more present and aware of our surroundings, so that we can focus on what we’re doing. This is especially relevant in our world today, where it’s getting harder and harder to not get distracted.

Why become a VIP member?

  • Learn how to use Wing Chun for self-defense, so that you can have better control over what happens to your own life;
  • Learn the main form so that you can practice it at home whenever you have the time;
  • Gain access to our Daily Meditation Livecasts: You'll be guided through your practice and learn new breathing techniques, so that you have more energy, find balance and handle your problems with calm;
  • Enjoy exclusive videos created specifically for the VIP group, based on your own needs and questions;
  • Gain early access to the latest podcasts featuring the world's most renowned Sifus, to give you an extra dose of inspiration;

  • Be a part of a welcoming community of like-minded people who are there to encourage and motivate you on your journey.

Unlock your first month of full VIP access for FREE, then it's just $47/month to continue your subscription.

Need more info? Meet Sifu Bogdan Rosu

"Hey there! I'm glad to see you here and especially glad to know you're taking an interest in the Wing Chun system. That being the case, you probably want me to tell you a little bit about myself and this online membership program, right?


Well I value your time, so I'll keep this intro short. My journey into martial arts started more than 16 years ago out of a personal desire I felt to learn how to defend myself better in case I ever needed it.


Today, I run my own successful Wing Chun school and have helped more than 500 people learn this amazing martial art, discover their true potential and become the strongest version of themselves. But there's just one problem...


While I love spending face-to-face time with all of my students and teaching them in person, I know that some people will never have the time, some perhaps won't find a Wing Chun school near their location, or simply won't get enough practice in class to learn as quickly as they'd like to.


And that's why I've created this online membership program - so that I can help even more people achieve their potential, whether new to Wing Chun or simply looking to expand on their teachings and practice more."

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Unlock your first month of full VIP access for FREE, then it's just $47/month to continue your subscription.