Build Power, Speed, Precision, Stability And Self-Confidence

Wing Chun Training Made Simple - Easy to use guidance, no holding back, no mystical secrets and no BS

Here's What You Get

Basics, the Mechanics

  • How to train the forms to maximize the benefit of the time spent while training
  • How To Attack And Defend
  • Basic Partner Drills
  • How To Train without a partner


  • How To Relax while fighting
  • How to meditate while training Wing Chun
  • How to become more sensitive and have better reactions
  • How to breathe for more speed and power


  • How to develop speed
  • How to measure your progress
  • How develop fluidity
  • How to develop explosiveness


  • How to develop long range and short range power
  •  How To Train the Wallbag
  •  How do I test my skills in a safe, but realistic way


  • How can Wing Chun practically help you in your daily life
  • What is the best way to combine work, family and training
  • How to find the time to train when you don't have the time
  • How to overcome the obstacles that inevitably show up
  • How to strive daily towards the goals that you set
  • How to reach your goals with less work
  • How you can stay confident, positive and motivated in the face of obstacles


Did you know that you get access to ALL my online courses, when you join our online academy?


To be more precise:

• Wing Chun Siu Nim Tao, value of $25

• How to FIGHT Using Wing Chun Kung Fu, value of $25

• How To Develop Strong And Fast Wing Chun Punches,value of $ 35

• How To Use The Wing Chun Footwork For Self-Defense, $45

• Learn The Ip Man Wooden Dummy Wing Chun Form, value of $55

• Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Applications, value of $75

• How to Build Power, Speed, Stability, Precision and Self-Confidence, value of $297

• 6 Months to Unstoppable Self-Confidence Blueprint $497

• 1-1 Mentoring Session, value of $250

Total value of $1304

So you basically get a $1304 Bonus for a $100/month subscription.

Try it now for free for a week and let us help you become your most confident self so that you will never again feel frozen with fear, so that you can feel safe while walking the streets and become proficient in the Wing Chun system!

Who I Am

Hi! My name is Bogdan. I’ve founded the first personal development through Wing Chun school in the world, I’m a public speaker and published author.

But, behind all the titles and whatnot, the truth is there is nothing special about me. I’m just a guy…

I enjoy helping people and especially doing it through Wing Chun and personal development.

I’ve been doing it since 2013, with staggering results, thanks to the power of Wing Chun combined with Personal Development concepts, and I feel it’s time to reach and help even more people.

Will you become part of this movement? I hope so…

Looking forward to having you in the class,


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn Wing Chun Online?

You get all the drills you need to practice by yourself or with a partner to improve Power, Precision, Speed and Stability along with detailed explanations. I don’t hold back on the information that I am giving you.

Is it possible to learn Wing Chun without a partner?

You will always learn the basic moves, power, precision, stability and speed by yourself. The best is always to have a partner who will give you some resistance and feedback. However, if you do not, no need to worry or despair, I will share with you how you can get feedback and prepare for an actual attack on the street.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you don´t have a Wing Chun school close to you or you have been training Wing Chun for some time and you want deeper understanding of what you are doing so that you get more speed, power and precision with your Wing Chun performance.

Can I develop self-confidence in my self-defense through this class?

Yes. This isn’t only about helping you with your Wing Chun. If your life doesn’t satisfy you, you will not make the time to train! This is about developing self-confidence so that you become the strongest and most awesome version of yourself and have the life you truly want.

Is it for any level?

Yes! I am sharing with you concepts that you can use regardless of your level, that will help you lay a strong foundation or improve your martial arts performance by giving you deeper and more specific understanding of where power and speed come from and how to build precision and stability.


How long do I need to practice per day?

30 min – 1h, depending on your level and your goals.

How can I be sure of my skills?

I will be sharing with you how you can train realistically with a partner without injury, so that you can clearly see your skills and improve them. Additionally, I will be sharing what is the best sparring equipment that you can use for Wing Chun training.

Is there an age requirement?

No. Wing Chun can be practice at any age. What is required, however, is a burning desire to learn and improve.

Do you need to have a certain physical level to attend?

No. Wing Chun training will help you improve your health, physical abilities and your overall relationship with your body.

Can I practice if I have back injuries?

Yes. The first form, if done right, will help your back and accelerate the healing process.

Will I become more attentive and present after this class?

Absolutely! I am giving you all the tools needed to improve your presence and awareness so that you can react immediately and automatically if someone tries to attack you on the street.

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