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Learn Wing Chun Online

Do you want to learn Wing Chun but you don’t have a school near you?

Or maybe you simply want to deepen your understanding of Wing Chun and find motivation and inspiration to train more often?

Hey there, Sifu Bogdan here!

First of all I want to THANK YOU for your ongoing interest in learning about Wing Chun!

The blog and podcast give me a great means to share some of my knowledge with you, but as a Wing Chun sifu, I naturally want to do more than that.

For a while now, I’ve been working on bringing my Wing Chun teachings online, and I’ve been creating a lot of content for a small community of early adopters.

Well, as of today, I’m officially ready to make this membership available to everyone.

Here is a sample of what you get in the Empowerment Wing Chun Online Community:



Wing Chun Wallbag Training Basics

Some Tips and Tricks on the Basics of the #WingChun Wallbag Training What if you could gain a solid Wing Chun foundation or even expand your Wing Chun understanding, so you will never be afraid of defending yourself ever again and gain authentic self-confidence, so you can enjoy your life and become the strongest version of yourself?Get the latest Wing Chun training tips and tricks, stay motivated, share your progress, and get personalised help. Join our Online #WingChun Community here:

Posted by on 28 Februarie 2017


Wing Chun First Form ApplicationsTo join our online wing chun community click this link:

Posted by on 12 Martie 2017


You’ll find a lot more exclusive content inside, which you can learn all about on this page:

Learn Wing Chun Online

For a limited time, I’m giving away access to this membership group FREE for the first month, so if you’re ready to learn Wing Chun self-defence from the comfort of your home, I invite you to join our program. You’ll get live video training and other exclusive content to help you take your Wing Chun to the next level. Here’s where you can sign up:

Learn Wing Chun Online

I’ll see you inside!

– Sifu Bogdan

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